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Medical Device Innovation Consortium Selects Booz Allen As Supporter

The Medical Device Innovation Consortium and Booz Allen Hamilton have announced a collaboration to develop a benchmark of the medical device industry’s cybersecurity maturity and tools to monitor it over time. The benchmark will be a valuable source of knowledge for the industry, allowing it to continue to enhance product protection.

Medical Device Innovation Consortium understands that healthcare is a crucial component of the country’s infrastructure. Cybersecurity risks can cripple healthcare, national economic security, and public health and safety in the United States. As a result, is focused on making significant contributions to the advancement of medical device cybersecurity.

The Medical Device Cybersecurity Benchmarking Initiative’s mission is to quantify and benchmark cybersecurity maturity across the industry in order to drive popular changes that reduce overall cybersecurity danger.Pamela Goldberg, Medical Device Innovation Consortium President and CEO, said, “Both the technical solution and the programmatic structure proposed by the Booz Allen Hamilton team is well aligned with the cybersecurity vision of and its stakeholders. We look forward to working with their team to identify best practices in cybersecurity benchmarking that can be replicated by medical device manufacturers to ensure patient safety and security.”

The founded in 2012 as the first public-private collaboration with the sole purpose of advancing medical device regulatory science through the entire product life cycle. Medical Device Innovation Consortium goal is to improve stakeholder trust and confidence by promoting public health through science and technology.

Medical Device Innovation Consortium works in the pre-competitive space to promote the advancement of processes, tools, and approaches that increase product protection, efficiency, and effectiveness assessment. Its programmes are aimed at improving product protection and providing patients with access to cutting-edge medical technology while lowering costs and shortening time to market.

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