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Medical Device Industry Can Boost Advanced Micro Devices

Taking your profits on Advanced Micro Devices is the sensible choice (AMD). Since my April 2018 purchase advice,stock has already increased by 969.38%. The $432.23 billion worldwide medical devices market, on the other hand, is substantially larger than the $36 billion PC gaming hardware market. You should go out and buy more, according to the investment theory.

Dr. Lisa Su is a medical imaging expert who sells Ryzen Embedded processors and Radeon graphics accelerators. Advanced Micro Devices 5-year revenue CAGR of 28.03 percent may be maintained by using Ryzen V1000 or V2000 in X-Ray, MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound machines. The usage of integrated Ryzen APUs and RDNA 2-based GPUs in new Model S and Model X cars by Tesla (TSLA) is a significant endorsement for Ryzen/Radeon inside medical devices.

The potential economic benefits of medical imaging processors are difficult to quantify. Advanced Micro Devices has yet to reveal how much revenue embedded processors produce each quarter. It’s included in Advanced Micro Devices Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom segment’s $1.6 billion in quarterly revenue. In 2019, the global embedded processor market was valued at $19.36 billion. It will be worth $32.53 billion by 2028, with an anticipated CAGR of 8.2 percent.Getting a 10% market share in worldwide embedded processors might contribute $2 billion to annual income in the future. If the Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom business routinely achieves $2 billion in quarterly sales, Advanced Micro Devices enthusiasts will likely drive the stock price above $ a good investment because it sells embedded CPUs and Radeon GPUs to a variety of medical equipment.

Advanced Micro Devices is even promoting its $7,500 EPYC server processors for CT scanners and other high-end medical diagnostic equipment. Hospitals and doctors can legally increase the cost of CT scans by 30%. Modern EPYC/Ryzen processors and RDNA 2 Radeon GPUs will be used. It’s more satisfying to sell $7K EPYC processors to profit-driven healthcare professionals than it is to sell $550 Ryzen 9 5900X processors to PC gamers.

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