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Medical Device Industry Being Transformed with the Help of Invotec

Medical Device manufacturers are on the verge of much-needed transformation. Many industries like the aerospace and automotive sectors have embraced the automation process for decades. However, with Covid-19 being the catalyst, advanced technology in the medical device sector became an infrastructure mandate soon. With the global crisis, healthcare workers need high-volume and increasingly efficient medical devices.

The increase in chronic diseases and the aging population has also made the MedTech companies realize the need to identify the required automation level. This was done keeping in mind that the quality is not compromised at any cost. In a competitive landscape, along with the MedTech innovation, manufacturers are tasked with developing economical devices.

The speed of supply is also a matter of concern with the increasing market need for medical devices. By 2030, the industry is forecasted to cross $300 billion in sales in the US alone. The industry is experiencing an imminent need for global connection to advance towards an integrated healthcare system.

Informa Markets – Engineering, the organizers of the industry-leading events BIOMEDevice and Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M), will be representing MD&M and BIOMEDevice in an all-new virtual conference. The exhibit will serve as an educational gathering for medical device engineers working towards the progression of the world’s biotechnology.

On April 6th and 7th, the virtual event will provide a critical meeting point for the global community. It will also feature a virtual expo floor comprising of 80 companies that drive the frontline product innovation. A robust conference is also part of the agenda that will provide technical sessions related to today’s challenges.

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