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McQuade and Sentinel Enter a Research Agreement

The McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development is a part of the pharmaceutical family Otsuka in the United States. MSRD announced on September 02 that an agreement had been signed with the drug discovery company Sentinel Oncology.

As a part of the agreement, MSRD will be extending support for the clinical development of a therapeutic drug that is expected to be a potent treatment for Fragile X Syndrome (FXS). Fragile X Syndrome is a very rare genetic condition that results in behavior-related challenges, learning challenges, and intellectual disability. FXS also causes various physical characteristics 1.

The terms of the agreement signed between MSRD and Sentinel state that the two will come together to help see through Phase 1a and Phase 1b clinical trials. These trials will be centered around Sentinel’s investigational compound SOL784 aiming at expanding the collaboration in the future.

So far, the market has seen exploration and research of various treatment options. However, none have been approved by regulatory bodies for understanding the underlying cause of FXS, stated Robert McQuade. He is the president of MSRD, LLC, and the chief strategic officer Otsuka pharmaceutical family.Robert McQuade added that the two collaborating partners share the same visions. The two are on a mission to deliver treatments to FXS patients whose medical needs remain unmet. Sentinel Oncology, a drug discovery company, has been largely focused on Neuro-Oncology. The company has developed a promising suite consisting of brain penetrant drug candidates targeting novel therapeutics for unmet patient needs.

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