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HL7 & SNOMED Renewed the longstanding Collaboration

HL7 International and its collaborative partner SNOMED International announced this week the renewal of five-year long partnership. The announcement surfaced after HL7 launch of a brand new FHIR accelerator for public health. The company’s fast healthcare interoperability resource standard received immense support from the U.S. CDC, and Office of National Coordinator for Health IT.

The extension of partnership emphasizing on the commitment made by the two parties to create projects enhancing global health data interoperability. Both HL7 and SNOMED have boldly showcased their aim to focus on the efforts to satisfy the utilization of SNOMED CT Terminology product coupled with FHIR.

COVID-19 has been a crucial stimulant in scaling up the demand for elevated seamlessness of data exchange. HL7 collaboration with SNOMED International is an essential step in fostering data interoperability, stated CEO Dr. Charles Jaffe.The two organizations have already been consistently putting efforts collaboratively for last seven years. The five years extensions comes after realising the need for amalgamation among global health standards.

As a part of the renewed partnership, the organizations have scheduled activities through July 2023. The very first activity will focus on licensing arrangements, modifying requests, and terminology binding accomplishing use of SNOMED CT in HL& products. They will also work on maintenance, and updates required to the HL7 IPS Free Set.SNOMED and will join forces to promote the use of former’s CT. and the latter’s FHIR in international use cases followed by identifying other joint activities.

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