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HitGen and BioAge Shared their progress in the DNA-Encoded Library

Shanghai-based Stock Exchange-listed biotech company HitGen Inc. which is known for DNA Encoded Library screening announced important research progress in a collaboration with BioAge Labs, Inc. BioAge is a private biotechnology company developing small molecules for the treatment of diseases of ageing.

Both the companies collaborated and conducted research to identify and develop novel small-molecule compounds against a high value. It is a challenging biological target that is a critical component of the immune system. Dysregulation of this target is closely related to the cause of severe diseases in elderly humans, such as Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.The availability of over 1 trillion small molecules generated by technology and the efficiency of the screening process has made it possible for HitGen to enable drug discovery projects for many organisations around the world.

The collaboration agreement stated that the Shanghai-based company has applied its DNA encoded library technology and discovered program compounds that met certain criteria. BioAge has received an exclusive license to these compounds as well as associated IP for further development and commercialization. HitGen will be eligible for milestone payments and sublicensing income from BioAge as the project progresses, in addition to research payments and an upfront license fee already paid.

Kristen Fortney, PhD, BioAge’s Chief Executive Officer said that the company is pleased to collaborate with HitGen to find novel small molecules against drug targets identified by BioAge’s platform, which analyzes samples collected over the lifespan to map the molecular pathways that drive human ageing. The HitGen’s DNA Encoded Library technology allows BioAge to discover novel, patentable molecules that modulate key ageing pathways.

Dr. Jin Li, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of HitGen shared that the company is delighted to see the successful identification of novel compounds for this important biological target that BioAge has been pursuing. The progress is made by the close interaction and collaboration of the scientists from the two companies.

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