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Heartland Pharmacy Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution

President Biden laid out his goal is to get more Americans vaccinated this week. He wants to provide more funding for Covid 19 vaccinations in rural communities. President Biden hopes to have 70% of U.S. adults at least halfway vaccinated by July 4.

Cortni Hicks, a Pharmacist said that Vaccine hesitancy is real. Cortni Hicks is a pharmacist at Medicap Pharmacy in Anna, Illinois. She added that it’s not hard to get vaccine doses, but it is hard to get patients to take the shots. She said that it is very important to meet the patient where they’re at because few are not comfortable scheduling a doctor’s appointment or coming into the pharmacy.

That’s why she takes the doses to them.She visits people’s houses and if they don’t get off work until later on, we’ll meet them later on somewhere in town. she’s noticed a decrease in the number of people coming in for the Covid 19 vaccine shots.

She said it started when the patient population opened up to people 18 and older for the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine. Medicap Pharmacy also provides the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. They are doing clinics several days throughout the week but they don’t feel that they should waste that many doses if the clinics aren’t full. Now, they’re doing walk-in clinics.

Amy Thompson said that the Chaffee Drug store is considering the same move. They are trying to schedule patients in groups of 10 but sometimes we do have trouble filling all ten slots. She believes opening walk-in vaccinations will help reduce wasted doses.That’s kind of the direction they are headed is to doing more open instead of scheduled appointments. They are trying to get more people vaccinated is the key there.

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