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HealthTrust Introduces Coriell Life Sciences’ Personalized Medicine Program to Enhance Healthcare Service

Today HealthTrust, a reputable supplier of benefit plans specifically for public sector employees, retirees, and their families is introducing one of New Hampshire’s first large-scale drug safety initiatives. When it comes to medication safety, the organization is working with Coriell Life Sciences’ (CLS) Corigen® Medication Safety Program, which employs the science of pharmacogenomics to analyze how each person will respond to pharmaceuticals and improve how drugs are administered.

Our Member Groups will be able to save money with Corigen, and insured individuals will be able to get better health sooner.”In the United States, it is estimated that pharmaceutical mistakes cause 128,000 deaths each year. A HealthTrust medical and prescription medication plan entitles individuals to free participation.

Teachers, administrators, police officers, firefighters, public works personnel, and others who keep our towns, cities, counties, and schools running efficiently and safely are included in this category of New Hampshire citizens.Numerous individuals are astonished to find that the outcome of therapy is closely connected to an individual’s.

DNA for hundreds of drugs A medication can have various effects on different people due to natural variations in our genetic code, President and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences Scott Megill told. Individuals who qualify for pharmacogenomics testing should only collect a saliva sample at home and mail it in. As a result of this research, we now know how an individual’s DNA and hundreds of lifestyle factors such as medical issues, age, and dietary consumption influence their reaction to the drug.

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