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Healthcare Technology Learning from the Past and Building their Future

Technology has long been heralded as a critical solution to the problems that Healthcare institutions face worldwide. Now, as the sector recovers from the greatest challenge of the twenty-first century, it’s time to look more closely at how and where these technologies may be used to improve patient experiences and restore services. Automation is already playing a vital role in this recovery, with applications ranging from patient prioritization to procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) and everything in between.

To do so, Blue Prism convened a roundtable for Healthcare executives from all over Singapore to learn about the most common use cases, benefits, and obstacles of increasing automation. The following are the five most important takeaways from the meeting. First, if the discussion revealed anything, there’s no shortage of automation use cases in the Healthcare industry.

We can envision use cases for digital workers in practically every area and department, from back-office patient processing to clinical workflows and population Healthcare management, and across primary and secondary providers.They’re also generating significant benefits. Some of these use cases were highlighted by Ian Blackburn, Head of Customer Success at Blue Prism Cloud, including how Blue Prism digital workers are automating outpatient referrals, COVID-19 test results processing, pharmacy requests and ordering, and life sciences medication clearances.

In addition, a significant executive from the Singapore public health system, employing automation to expedite patient intake, triage, and billing, recognized these benefits. With up to 1000 patients per day, automation was implemented to manage the tedious but straightforward check-in procedures that patients must complete when entering the clinic, ensuring that patients and employees have a stress-free experience.

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