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Healthcare in Women is Improving says CVS Health

CVS Health, a Healthcare corporation based in the United States, is the world’s seventh-largest by sales and ranks seventh on the Fortune Global 500 list as of March 2021. Consumer Value Store (CVS) was founded in 1963 and initially focused on selling cosmetic products. It has grown over the years to include a retail drugstore chain, CVS Caremark, and the acquisition of Aetna, a health insurance company, among other businesses. The organization also places a strong emphasis on research and analytics to aid in identifying cost-cutting and outcome-improving solutions.

The organization’s most recent study, the 2021 Health Care Insights Study, found significant variations in how men and women approach Healthcare. For example, according to the study, women are more proactive with general medical check-ups than males, with more women citing this as a reason for seeing their doctor (73 percent vs. 58 percent). According to Dr. Joanne Armstrong, Chief Medical Officer for Women’s Health and Genomics, one reason for this is that women have traditionally had a more vital role in their families’ Healthcare decisions.

This indicates that they are more knowledgeable about the system as a whole. This critical role as a Healthcare consumer and purchaser is likely one of the reasons why female Healthcare consumers are more active and engaged with their health than males. According to the study, men are more likely than women to seek virtual treatment (64 percent vs. 46 percent).

Having the option of virtual care for seeking routine medical attention for a minor illness or injury was more essential to male respondents than it was to female respondents. On the other hand, women are increasingly seeking personalized treatment that is tailored to their tastes, health issues, and requirements.

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