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Healthcare Advancements Series to Discover Technology to Deliver Superior Solutions

Advancements with Ted Danson, the award-winning series, will focus on recent breakthroughs in healthcare technology. The segment will explore how artificial intelligence is introducing borderless healthcare options across different states and countries. The experts in the field say that the viewers will learn how the Technology works around the clock to provide patients with personalized Healthcare options.

CEO of Trawely, Parikshit Jahoorkar, said, “The healthcare industry has traditionally been riddled with inefficiencies and lack of transparency leading to undesirable outcomes like surprise medical bills, price gouging, long wait times and insufficient insurance coverage. The situation is worse if you are self-employed, out of job, or can’t afford insurance premiums making healthcare a privilege of the rich when it’s supposed to be every citizen’s right. Trawely is changing all of this by bringing futuristic innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and putting ‘care’ back in healthcare.”

Spectators will see how Trawely helps make it easier for users from home blood test kits to fertility solutions. They will examine how users can get best-in-class affordable healthcare. With the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, the technology does the work for you. They look forward to exploring the Advancements in healthcare technology that are being used to help patients find better care.

Trawely is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by democratizing access to world-class medical care using equitable options in the field. The innovative artificial intelligence is making futuristic technologies a reality with its virtual personal assistant known as ALISATM. ALISA, Artificial Linguistic Intelligent Semantic Application, is a friendly personal caretaker that stays with the patient from illness to recovery.

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