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Gene Therapy Fuelled by Robots and Pod Factories

The current market of Gene Therapy players experiences the establishment of brick-and-mortar concept facilities. Avrobio has marked its significant positioning in adopting an opposite product ideology.Avrobio, a biotech company providing advanced Gene Therapy, offers portable manufacturing units. These pieces of equipment are fully automated, self-contained, and designed to cater to the company’s specific ex-vivo lentiviral process. These units size up as big as a washing machine.

Avrobio’s manufacturing units show capabilities of running parallelly. As these products are self-contained, the risk of exposure to the outside environment is effectively prohibited. As a result, they can be conveniently set up in lower-class clean rooms without a highly controlled environment, according to Kim Raineri, the chief manufacturing and technology officer, Avrobio.

Adding further, the company can gradually establish ballrooms of machines introducing Gene Therapy across its pipeline. This type of availability is not common. In the majority of, teams have to struggle for weeks on a single patient’s treatment. This is even if the treatment is conducted in to-grade clean rooms.According to a recent FDA report, there are a total of 22 cell and Gene Therapy that have received approval in the United States.

The number of companies approaching clinics with their own developments is expected to increase considerably over the decade.The present scenario of cell and gene manufacturing experience an increasing need to pace up with the coming wave of products. Additional integration of new approaches such as automation, robotics, point-of-care manufacturing techniques may explore the potential success.

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