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First National Technology Solutions Goes in-depth on Cloud Tools

According to Robert LaMagna-Reiter, First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) vice president and chief information security officer says that healthcare organizations are using industry-specific clouds to work on compliance issues like those surrounding HIPAA and HITECH. FNTS recently launched FNTS Healthcare Cloud to meet these needs.

First National Technology Solutions also held some focus groups on the same. However, LaMagna-Reiter is filled with new and expert learnings on the subject. Healthcare IT News interviewed him to make him share detailed expertise on industry-specific clouds, cybersecurity, and the recent changes to the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law.

There is an evolving threat of landscape and the sensitive nature of highly regulated healthcare organizations’ data. Organizations are also facing mounting risks to security and compliance. There is also a threat of downtime, regulatory fines, and reputational risk, which could cause significant damage. Cloud Solutions have proven to be capable of supporting regulated industries and security.

However, it is entirely up to the organizations to implement the appropriate controls. The organizations need to weigh the decisions they must make, like transferring existing security, compliance, and privacy capabilities. The cloud service providers offer to shrink the gap or simplify operating securely. Those days are gone when the organization’s highly skilled resources must spend large chunks on providing care, feeding, and upkeep.

LaMagna of First National Technology Solutions said, “Healthcare organizations also need to ensure end users have a positive experience that aligns with business growth. This includes selecting and developing right-fit health IT software applications and integrating them with an organization’s desired infrastructure.”

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