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FDA Awards Cancer Detection Devices as Breakthrough of the Year

As per the trusted sources of information, another set of investigational products has received approval from the FDA, which consists of a number of diagnostic and oncology devices.Among them, Viome, a device used to diagnose throat cancer and oral cancer in the saliva samples, is one of them. The device designed by Viome is an AI-powered diagnostic, which does analysis of messenger RNA that are present in the saliva samples in order to give information about the gene expression.

In doing so, the company is focused on doing a screening test that offers better than the recent approaches that are being used to diagnose oral and throat cancer, which are subjective to the analysis by the primary care physicians.Further, another company for medical devices, known as DermaSensor, also received approval from the FDA.

The device by DermaSensor is majorly designed to detect skin cancer among the affected patients. The doctors and healthcare staff apply the tip of the device to a lesion which they suspect can be cancerous. Dermacentor is likely to launch the device soon in the US.Another device by OncoRes Medical received a nod from the FDA along with a breakthrough designation.

The device called as Quantitative Micro-Elastography (QME) Imaging System is useful to detect cancer among the suspected patients.Moreover, the final breakthrough designation post was given to Avenida Health by the FDA for its device that is useful for the treatment of prostate cancer. The device has a laser, thermal sensor, and AI-based algorithm for the detection of prostate tumors without having any impact on the healthy tissue.

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