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Facebook CEO Announces To Help People Get Vaccinated

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO announced that the company plans to help people to get vaccinated against the Covid 19 virus. He has planned to help over 50 million people to get Covid 19 vaccine.The company is already connected with 2 million people and now many countries are increasing the Eligibility criteria, the company has planned to make this tool useful.  FacebookCEO told about the first tool which helps people to find about the areas vaccinations are offered. They can use the link provided to make appointments.

There will be a separate Covid information center which will show in the user’s news feed. This will also be launched on Instagram. People will be notified about the vaccine often.The Facebook CEO has also announced that they will be closely working with the health authorities to expand this service in WhatsApp chatbots. This will help people to register for vaccines. Nearly 3 million Covid related messages are set to government, non-profits, and international organisation through those chatbots.

The company said it is expanding its efforts to address Covid-19 vaccine misinformation. The company has partnered with  Boston Children’s Hospital to offer a tool on Facebook in the US to help people identify places to get the vaccine. The locations in this tool are provided by VaccineFinder and include hours of operation, contact info, and links to make an appointment.

The company is also partnered with ministries of health and health-focused organizations in more than 170 countries by providing free ads, enabling partners to share their own public health guidance on COVID-19 and information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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