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Data Analytics Being Used to Enhance Patient Outreach

Patients must take an active role in their own health and well-being in order to receive Data Analytics based high-quality treatment. Patient participation is an important aspect of the healthcare sector, and it’s vital for organisations to keep patients engaged in their treatment.

The value of patient engagement initiatives was noted by leaders at Community Health Network, an integrated healthcare system with five major hospitals. The company used multiple Data Analytics tools to simplify care delivery processes and improve patient outreach thanks to a collaboration with CipherHealth.

Patrick McGill, MD, EVP and chief analytics officer at Community Health Network, said, “We’ve been a partner of Cipher for a couple of years now, and the pandemic really accelerated our partnership. We needed to offload some of the work from our caregivers so that they could focus on pandemic-related activities instead of hospital discharge, call-backs, or appointment reminders. One of our mantras is that every patient’s last mile is unique to them. We try and create those individualized journeys to the last mile.”

McGill feels that if patients are not reaching their appointments then they can’t receive excellent care. He believes that the automated process for appointment was very clunky, hence they started to send out appointment reminders as text messages.

They will be implementing two-way contact soon, so if a patient has to cancel or reschedule, they can do so directly from the text message. They are also working on a feature that will allow us to give patients on-demand virtual visits directly from their text messages if they cancel an appointment.

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