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Cybersecurity Action Team Launched by Google

Google announced the formation of its Cybersecurity Action Team this week, intending to support governments, critical infrastructure groups, corporations, and small companies. The team’s mission will help customers navigate the security transformation process, including developing a road map, boosting cyber-resilience readiness, and developing innovative solutions in response to changing conditions. The initiative will start with Cloud and then spread to other companies.

“The Google Cybersecurity Action Team is part of our ongoing commitment to be the best partner for our enterprise and government customers along their security transformation journey,” he said. Cybersecurity is at the top of every C-level and board agenda, given the increasing significance of software supply chain exploits, ransomware, and other assaults. To meet the significant security concerns that today’s businesses face in every industry. The program is part of Google $10 billion commitment to improve cybersecurity.

The team also released a security and resiliency architecture – aligned with those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology – and a “Work Safer” product meant to promote safe communication in modern hybrid work environments. In addition, the team will improve Cloud’s existing security services, such as autonomic security operations and web app and API protection. Federal government stakeholders praised Google progress as part of a more significant effort to recruit corporate aid with cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recently created the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative. This program will bring together government and business sector organizations to improve efforts to detect and respond to hostile cyber activities aimed at the country’s critical infrastructure. As a tech behemoth, Google is well-positioned to assist with cybersecurity initiatives, particularly in the private realm.

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