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COVID-19 Air Cleaners Not Thoroughly Assessed by Government

Multiple players emerged amidst the COVID-19 providing air Cleaners during the peak of hysteric events occurred during the year 2020. However, it’s been widely speculated that the government is yet to officially authorize the utility claims made by the product suppliers.

Fortune recently reported that one of the air cleaning device sellers, Stephen Matthew Shumaker adopted the business associated with selling air cleaning products as a disguised attempt to kickstart his water filtration business. Shumaker had marketed his product via handing out cards, however when one postal inspector received this cared immediately filed a complaint stating that the advertisement was promoting false claims, and misleading. Shumaker promoted his product in the name of displaying capabilities of killing the COVID-19 virus on the spot, a baseless claim which was never clinically proven.

During the peak of the pandemic with increasing fear the product selling point was abused by the air cleaning device providers according to multiple reports. During his interaction, Shumaker shared with KHN that the police officers confined him. By August, Shumaker pleaded guilt for misbranding the product label without any authorization or no declaration of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishment number.

However, in his defence Shumaker added that he simply acted as a conduit sourcing the devices form manufacturers, and selling it to the public, and had no knowledge of the sticker. Fuelling the controversy, ActivePure Technologies, manufacturer of the air Cleaners has cleared that Shumaker was not an authorized sales agent employed by the company.

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