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Counterfeit HIV meds being found in the American Pharmacy markets

A California based pharmaceutical firm, Gilead Sciences warns every one of forged versions of HIV medication being sold in the U.S. pharmacies.Particularly, Gilead warned that knock-off versions the company’s Descovy and Biktarvy medications have been distributed through most of the U.S. pharmacies because of illegal distributors. Both of these medications are used in the treatment of HIV. Descovy is also is also used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis in order to prevent HIV-negative people from getting infected by the virus.

Gilead said in a statement that Distributors not approved by Gilead to sell company-branded medicine may have sold these duplicate drugs to pharmacies where original Gilead bottles have been meddled with a forged label or foil induction seal and comprises of inappropriate tablets.The organization is functioning with the U.S. FDA, drugstores and other permitted authorities in order to find out the culprits and eradicate the bogus meds from the market.The company said that the tampered and counterfeit medicines can convey severe and sometimes life-threatening health hazards to beings.

These fake medicines can hold unappropriated medical ingredients, incorrect amounts of several ingredients or also some impurities that can compromise the effectiveness, safety or quality of the original medications. The fake ones can also be manufactured in insecure manufacturing conditions and transported via unconfident supply chains, which enable the medications to become flaw with impurities.

Luckily, the original medicines have numerous tell-tale indications of authenticity. Original Biktarvy medicines are the ones that colored as purplish-brown, capsule-shaped pills with GSI and 9883 on either sides. Original Descovy tablets are blue in color with rectangular shape and GSI and 225 on either sides.

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