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Clinicians moving into the Healthcare IT Era

Clinicians are becoming increasingly anxious and overworked as healthcare organizations worldwide struggle with massive patient backlogs due to the COVID problem. In addition to lowering job satisfaction,  burnout can harm patient care quality. According to the COVID-19 tracking study conducted by the British Medical Association (BMA), 40% of doctors suffer from work-related stress, burnout, and anxiety.

The amount of administrative time healthcare staff must spend documenting their work is one of the leading causes of frustration and burnout. Of course, that isn’t the only cause, but it accounts for a significant portion of the disappointment. According to Erik Van Hoeymissen, worldwide business development director at 3M HIS, this difficulty develops when existing clinical documentation systems are not adequately matched to doctors’ workflows.

All new technology must be introduced smoothly, with sufficient attention paid to end-user training and follow-up on how Clinicians perform once the tools are in place. Technology might be stressful, but it can also be an essential part of overworked professionals. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning solutions, which are more advanced than their predecessors, are advancing technology for the better. For example, speech recognition and other Clinicians-assistive technologies are currently being supplemented by natural language understanding and conversational AI to provide physicians with time-saving capabilities incorporated in their electronic health records.

Clinicians can quickly reduce the time spent manually writing clinical documentation by adapting these tools to their processes. These technologies add an entirely new layer of capabilities, such as computer-assisted physician documentation. In addition, it proactively provides Clinicians with the insights they need when needed by continuously analyzing and monitoring the content created through speech recognition and the content created through other means.

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