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Clicks to visit and no Shows increase at Concentra

Concentra is a Texas-based healthcare company that provides occupational health services to one out of every four injured workers through 517 medical centers across the country, 150 employer-based clinics, and telemedicine. Telemedicine, according to, is a much-needed additional option for the delivery of care. It piloted the first model with a single employer using kiosks. The pilot revealed a lot of helpful information, including that the kiosk technology was not scalable.

The healthcare firm recognized that virtual care might be delivered more cost-effectively and efficiently. Concentra had looked into a variety of software options before joining the company. In June 2017, the first live telemedicine visit took place. began using eVisit to remedy a problem with a video visit plug-in. However, as the company has worked with the vendor longer, the platform and staff have become a more long-term answer.

Concentra Telemed provides a group waiting room with care coordinators who can monitor the progress of many patients. Multiple hand-offs to clinicians and back-to-care coordinators are also included. It’s a convoluted virtual workflow that’s exclusive to occupational medicine. She went on to say that the platform seamlessly facilitates this workflow. On the market today, there is an extensive range of enterprises offering telemedicine technologies and services.

These companies and their offerings were detailed in a special report released by Healthcare IT News. The original difficulty was to create a system that had a flawless video connection, didn’t require any plug-ins, and allowed patients to visit with just a few clicks. Concentra discovered various capabilities in the platform that allowed them to improve and grow its telemedicine product. Concentra frequently finds value and efficiencies via a continuous improvement methodology.

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