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Can weight lifting reduce the risk of fatality?

New research shows how including weight lifting in a daily workout regime can reduce the risk of death. weight lifting and aerobics exercise, both have separate benefits when it comes to health. But combining these two could bring much more benefits resulting in the lower risk of death. A study found that people who incorporate weight training at least once or twice a week in their workout regime are at 40% lower risk of death or developing any other diseases at an early stage.

This research eventually began in 1998 and accessed the screening trials of people for lung, colorecta, ovarian and prostate cancer. The research is entirely based on the self-assessment by the health officials and the data available in the hospitals of nearly 1 lakh people of the US. In 2006, the researchers conducted a survey which linked the previous research to the workout routine and physical activities of those people through a questionnaire.

The study found that older people who only lift weights without any aerobic exercise only have lowered the risk by 22%. However, the percentage totally varies from person to person considering the amount of weight lifting they do in a week.

Factors like smoking and drinking habits, age, and body weight do not affect the risk aspect but gender does. The association of lowered risk was more among the women than men. WHO recommends that the old age people should include some sort of exercise at least two to three times a week to stay active and fit. This could include swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, running, and many more.

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