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Can covid-19 vaccines affect menstruation?

Studies found how coronavirus vaccines are affecting menstruation in women. In the beginning of the introduction of covid-19 vaccines, many women reported that they are facing delay or change in their period cycle. Now, after two years a study conducted by some researchers have confirmed that covid-19 vaccines do affect the menstrual cycle in some women, not everyone.

The study was conducted on the data on approximately 20,000 American women by retrieving their data from a federal-controlled app for birth control called Natural Cycles. This study showed that women who got vaccinated, experienced a day increase in their period, after the first dose of the vaccine. And women who got the second dose of the vaccine experience only a half day increase in their period cycle. The women who received both the vaccines experienced about 4-5 days increase in their menstrual cycle.

A vaccine in general boosts the immunity in the body which can affect the period flow of the cycle overall. Health officials and gynecologists suggest that these changes are natural and not to be worried about. But constant changes upto 3 months should be a matter of concern and immediately seeked treatment for. Additionally, the authors of the study confirmed that covid-19 vaccines do change the period cycle. But there isn’t any evidence that the vaccine causes infertility

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