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Boston Members of Public Schools tests Monkeypox positive

Monkeypox particles found within an infected cell. Infected man isolated and schools sanitized immediately. An adult member of the community of Public School in Boston has been found positive for the Monkeypox virus. The health and the well-being of students kept in mind, the community Superintendent provided the information of infected community member to the parents and other, unaware staff members.

The Mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu said that the school authority is keeping tabs on the entire situation and that they are extremely proud and grateful to such ingenious people for quick actions and reports of the infected person.

The Boston Public School do not have any separate guidelines for the protocols related to Monkeypox outbreak but are following the ones laid down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) and by the local and state government. The health officials also proclaimed that if any school in the city has not gotten any individual call regarding the infection or strict following of the protocols, then that particular school is not infected by the virus. Also, the spread of information is being completely transparent and on the basis of generating awareness among the community people about the virus.

As usual, the infected individual is being isolated and taken care of until he is tested negative. The people who came in contact with the infected person will receive vaccine shots and can work regularly if they do not show signs or symptoms of Monkeypox virus. The entire school and all the affected areas have been sanitized and disinfected over the weekend for regular and continuous working.

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