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Posts published by “Willie Wise”

Backed by a strong educational background with a degree in Biotechnology, Greenville Technical College, Willie D. Wise is an asset to The Healthcare News and is rightfully placed as the Chief Editor, owing to his vast experience in technical writing, marketing, and strategic planning. To hone his job skills in journalism, Wise has also completed a degree course in journalism from the University of South Carolina-Columbia. He is highly skilled with the art of news presentation and is adept in an editorial role with excellent time management and leadership qualities at his disposal. He ensures the best delivery from his team of writers and ensures excellent performance by his team.

Besides his current job as the editor-in-chief at The Healthcare News, he is a regular writer for the biotechnology category. Given his intense interest in the field, his core career centers around writing which he does with complete dexterity. As a writer, he ensures appropriate title selection besides developing authentic, market-relevant content ideal for business discretion and also to suit promotional and marketing strategies of TheHealthcareNews. His writing style not only remains informative but also is high on lucidity to entice reader focus for longer. Crude facts and statistical details are also presented simplistically to connect with readers' grasping capabilities.