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Australian Government  and French Biotech to Import New Covid 19 Vaccine

The Australian Government is in talks with a French Biotech firm to import another Covid 19 Vaccine to our shores. The shot is manufactured by vaccine company Valneva based in Saint- Herblain, western France which uses similar techniques to those involved in the flu and Polio vaccines and is currently in its advanced stages of development.

The product uses technology involving an unactivated version of the virus that has been killed to stimulate an immune response without creating an infection. The vaccine can also protect against variants of the virus that might compromise others which makes it an ideal booster. The UK government has already ordered 100 million doses and up to 10 other European Nations are interested in purchasing the vaccine. A spokeswoman for the Australian Department of Health confirmed that the federal government is in discussions to potentially purchase the vaccine.

The spokesperson also added that the Government continues to meet regularly with a range of Covid 19 Vaccine and treatment developers and manufacturers, including Valneva. They continue to monitor ongoing clinical trials, review the real-world effectiveness of the vaccine rollout and continue to have a range of discussions with manufacturers.

Future investments will be subject to the advice of the Covid 19 Vaccine and Treatments for Australian – Science and Industry Technical Advisory Group and assessment of clinical evidence, including portfolio diversification and risk. Local volunteers in the UK are aimed to test the safety of the vaccine with plans to roll out up to 250 million doses worldwide if clinical trials are successful. The Indian government has struggled to stay on top of the new wave of the outbreak, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison slamming Australian borders closed to the country.

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