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Are State Lawmakers Undermining Telehealth’s Potential

As per the trusted sources of information, the Telehealth’s is likely to slash the spending on healthcare by the people. However the state legislators are looking like working hard to keep the prices high across the country. The payment parity laws which are present in some or other forms across at least 20 states and more have made it mandatory that the healthcare professionals in most of the cases have been reimbursed the insurers at the same rate for both, the online health care services as well as the in person, however, the online one is a lot more costlier to be provided.

The physicians as well as the hospitals are clamoring for the payment parity stating that the Telehealth’s infrastructure as well as the provider training showcases the added costs that are needed to be covered widely. The last thing that is required to be done is to peg the price of the major technological services which have had its cost increase by three fold over the last twenty years.

The rate at which it is growing it at least four times the inflation and faster than any other type of services and goods. The medical services which are out of the hospitals have witnessed a rise in their price by two fold over the past years.

Meanwhile, Telehealth’s is cheaper to provide the in person services. In fact the visit of the person is significantly longer than the Telehealth’s visits. The Telehealth’s care provider does not have to rent any space for paying the rent for office space.

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