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American Biotech Firm Opens News Vaccine Plant in Canada

Moderna signed a deal with Canada to build a Coviod-19 vaccine manufacturing Plant. The Canadian government and Moderna announced that the new Plant would also manufacture vaccines for other respiratory infections. The decision to start a new manufacturing Plant followed the shortage of messenger RNA vaccines whereby manufacturers are struggling to meet the surge in demand for the vaccines shots across the world.

This collaboration will provide Canadians domestically manufactured covid-19 vaccines, including vaccines for other seasonal respiratory infections like Influenza, RS virus (RSV), and other vaccines. Vaccines for the new viruses and new chains of Zika, Influenza, Corona, and Ebola will be developed to protect the Canadian people and the people worldwide.

Both Moderna and the Canadian government have not yet disclosed the financial details. However, according to the company officials, Moderna is investing millions of dollars for building and further operations of the new state-of-art facility.Canada doesn’t have its vaccine and depends on Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and imports from other countries. To date, 38 million people have been infected with the new coronavirus.

The Canadian government has invested billions of dollars in expanding its healthcare capability, including investment for expanding Resilience Biotechnologies and more. The Canadian government-funded Medicago and Sanofi are likely to develop vaccines and produce shots locally. The companies have therefore become the first firms to develop vaccines and produce shots locally. The new Plant will start its operations by 2024. It will initially produce up to 30 million vaccines yearly. Canada is planning to build more such Plant around the world.

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