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Amazon Powered Cloud Innovation Center Launched by UC Davis Health

This week, the University of California, Davis Health announced the opening of a new Cloud Innovation Center. The CIC, which is powered by Amazon Web Services and is the first of its type, will seek to facilitate idea exchange between clinicians, patients, developers, and students. It will also help design and prototype solutions focused at advancing digital health equity, according to the health system. Particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic, digital health inequalities has become a front-and-center problem.

Many of the underserved populations have had to fight even harder to get the care they require, and the digital divide has only grown. According to the organisations, UC Davis Health and Amazon Web Services will dedicate employees to working with physicians, students, NGOs, and the community to investigate digital health equality concerns through the CIC. Challenges with remote patient care and health-tech disparities, as well as related obstacles like transportation, are all possible areas of investigation.

Any findings will be made available in an open-source format for others to use and expand upon. The CIC is part of UC Davis Health Digital Collaborative for Innovation and Validation, or CoLab, which will serve as an interface between the many stakeholders. To continue to provide great patient care and experiences, we are committed to advancing digital-first and data-driven models of care.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services will give us a way to tap into the intrapreneurial spirit of our region’s clinicians, patients, and developers. UC Davis Health claims to be the first academic medical centre to partner with Amazon Web Services to create a CIC of this type, although Amazon’s interest on cloud-based  technologies is nothing new.

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