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Albumedix and Cobra Biologics Research viral vector manufacturing

Albumedix Ltd. and Cobra Biologics plan to collaborate and research the optimization of viral vector manufacturing. Albumedix Ltd. which is an emerging leader in the enablement of advanced therapies and a recognized global leader in recombinant human albumin has announced an extension to its research collaboration with Cobra Biologics. The cobra Biologics is a gene therapy division of Cognate BioServices, a Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. company.

The main focus of this research collaboration is the process optimization and stability enhancement in scale-up manufacturing of AAV and lentiviral vectors through Albumedix‘ proprietary recombinant human albumin-based product. The collaboration aims to advance both upstream and downstream processing of AAV and lentiviral vector manufacturing, including formulation development for long-term stability.

Albumedix Ltd and Cobra Biologics have jointly been engaged in work on optimizing viral vector manufacturing and production to improve quality and productivity for gene therapy and vaccine developers. The current collaboration is an extension of the 2019 research collaboration agreement and contemplates that both companies further solidify their commitment to a shared goal of enabling advanced therapy and biopharmaceutical developers to reach patients worldwide with more scalable therapies.

Jonas Skjødt Møller, CEO, Albumedix, said that the firm is to have found a research partner in Cobra, who are as committed as the company is enabling innovation to push the industry forward. The main missions to empower excellence in advanced therapies. They invest and partner to be at the scientific forefront, and look forward to further combining our in-house expertise and unique stability-enhancing benefits of our recombinant human albumin with Cobra’s viral vector production platform.

Dr Daniel Smith, Executive Director of Global Cell & Gene Therapy Portfolio, Charles River said that Viral vector manufacturing presents a challenge for gene therapy and vaccine developers. This collaboration agreement aims to improve the manufacturing of viral vectors through a combination of our expertise alongside that of Albumedix and in particular their recombinant human albumin products. They are excited to embark on this research project with Albumedix to optimize viral vector manufacturing to ensure supply can meet the growing demand for gene therapies.

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