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AI Command Center to be implemented by Olive and TriHealth

TriHealth and Olive have teamed up to open a “Command Center” aimed at automation in the Cincinnati-based healthcare system. According to a press release on TriHealth’s website, Olive will begin by improving processes such as claims status checks in the system’s revenue cycle department. “Olive is not all about improving the revenue cycle room,” said Emily Seitz Pawlak, vice president of TriHealth’s revenue cycle.

Pawlak said, “With our partnership, we have visions to expand the use of AI and automation into as many areas of healthcare as possible, including the clinical side, all with the goal of delivering an even better healthcare product to our patients.” Olive touts its platform as the only AI workforce tool tailored to the healthcare industry. TriHealth’s onsite AI Command Center, dubbed an AlphaSite by Olive, is meant to lay the groundwork for intelligence- and outcome-generating interoperability, according to the companies.

Olive touts its ability to meet supply chain, pharmacy, corporate and shared resources needs, as well as sales cycle automation, on its website. According to the organisations, 22 Olive AlphaSites have been developed throughout the United States. According to Business Journals, Olive announced last year that it intended to construct 66 by the end of 2021.

With a recent report (conducted on Olive’s behalf) showing that healthcare executives are rapidly prioritising automation innovations in their hospitals, the COVID-19 crisis offered Olive’s AI-as-a-service offerings a new use case. For example, AI has aided vaccine development, especially in the early stages. According to a new study from Philips, AI has a bright future ahead of it, with several healthcare leaders pledging to invest in the sector over the next three years.

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