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Acurx Pharmaceuticals becomes a part of the Antimicrobials Working Group

The Antimicrobials Working Group made an announcement on Thursday, August 5, 2021, regarding the addition of a new member that is Acurx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to its association of organizations with the task to spur life-saving innovations and fight drug-resistant infections. This new accumulation gets AWG’s association to 13 Antimicrobials drug firms.

Acurx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that works on the development of the novel category of antibiotics for infections attributed by bacteria ranked as priority pathogens by the WHO, Food and Drug Administration, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their chief merchandise contender, ibezapolstat, is known to be the first-in-class of the latest class of DNA pol IIIC inhibitors that is in Stage 2 clinical development to treat C difficile Infection.

Chairman of AWG & Chief Executive Officer of Nabriva Therapeutics, Ted Schroeder, said that they are pleased to have Acurx unite with AWG and adjoin their vote to their goal to device environment and enhance the Antimicrobials drug in order to offer patients and doctors with latest treatment choices for hard to treat infectious diseases.

He further added that through this united power of their membership, AWG would persist in connecting with fundamental stakeholders and legislators in order to compel public strategy, which will encourage much-required research and development, allow fitting patient access to new products and soothe the delicate Antimicrobials ecosystem in order to assist in combating the rising threat of Antimicrobials resistance. With this, they are looking forward to working with Acurx for the accomplishments of their targets.

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