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Abortion ban limits women from necessary meds

The major ban on Abortion in the states now forces pharmacies to deny access to basic meds to women. After the Supreme Court’s decision to ban in various states of the US, the pharmacy chain – Walgreens, turned down a regular customer Annie England Noblin to provide her monthly prescribed drug methotrexate.

Like always, Annie went to her local Walgreens pharmacy to get her monthly medicines as she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She was denied. Upon asking why, the pharmacist told Noblin to get a written confirmation from her doctor that this medicine would not be used for Abortion purposes. Methotrexate is a medicinal drug used to treat problems like cancer, inflammatory diseases, and even ectopic pregnancies. It is also known as amethopterin or anti-rheumatic drug.

Ever since the removal of Federal Abortion Rights, various other laws have been imposed by the states to limit providing medical help that could be linked to aborting a child. This is not only raising issues for pregnant women, but also other people who are suffering from any other disease. This is why most of the pharmacies and doctors are denying the use of methotrexate as this drug prompts Abortion.

However, Annie Noblin isn’t the only one in the US who was denied the availability of this medicine. About 5 million people in the country are prescribed methotrexate as, research proves, they suffer from various autoimmune diseases.  Now, after the elimination of Abortion laws, all these patients are going to be humiliated every month into disclosing their private information to explain why they are getting these methotrexate drugs.

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