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Abbott Unveils New Line Of Consumer Biosensors Based On Diabetes Monitoring Tech

Consumer wearable devices currently available in the market can gather only limited health data and comprehensive devices that are sold in the market require prescription to monitor or treat a specific medical condition. Abbott new consumer biowearable sensors have tried to bridge this gap.

Abbott new line of consumer biosensors is based on diabetes monitoring technology. The biosensors can constantly monitor glucose, ketone, lactose, and alcohol levels of the user further allowing them to optimize nutrition and health.

The biosensors are under development stage and will soon be launched post approval. The biosensors can track several health indicators. Both elite athletes and people who do normal workouts can use the device. The Lingo sensors are based on Abbott existing Freestyle Libre diabetes monitoring technology. The Freestyle Libre focused on Diabetes and now the new device is the advanced version of it which will study glucose, ketones, lactose, and alcohol levels.

Abbott is developing such devices with an aim to make decentralized and democratized testing. Translating such as a wide range of biometric signals is going to help make better decisions. Abbott is further planning to connect the device to users’ vehicles in future that will help prevent drunk driving by monitoring alcohol intake. The company is planning to introduce the biosensors at a wider level in the market that can be used at home.

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